Breaking News! Unleash the Power of the Kingdom Brand App and See Your Kingdom Business Soar, Even if Sales Copy + Tech Aren't Your Thing!

Have you ever felt like you're on an endless treadmill, running at full speed but somehow still not making any progress? Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship.

You entered this arena with a heart full of faith and a vision to transform lives, yet here you are, stuck in the quicksand of content creation.

Your mission was clear: reclaim your time while growing a business that not only transforms lives but also advances the Kingdom - all while banking a very nice profit.

But there's a catch; creating powerful sales copy feels like deciphering ancient hieroglyphs, and plugging it into a converting funnel seems as easy as teaching a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Here's where things get prickly. The biggest thorn in your side?

It's not just about writing; it's about writing something that resonates.

You've been told that the secret sauce to sales is crafting copy that speaks directly to hearts, stirs souls, and opens wallets.

But every time you sit down to write, it feels like you're trying to squeeze water from a stone.

The words either come out too pushy, too bland, or worse - completely misaligned with your values.

And lets not even start on funnels - those mysterious beasts that everyone says are crucial but seem designed to test your faith.

You've tried everything under the sun - from "copywriting hacks" peddled by internet “gurus” who've never heard the word 'gospel,' to funnel templates so complex they make Solomon's temple look like child's play.

You’ve attended webinars that promised heaven but delivered purgatory, downloaded e-books filled with strategies more suited for selling snake oil than freedom, and even prayed for divine intervention during those late-night content-creation sessions.

"And what’s worse- it can feel like you’re totally alone on this journey and missing a key piece of the puzzle that everyone but you seems to have gotten the inside scoop on."

The frustration is real. Every minute spent wrestling with words or decoding digital marketing blueprints is time not spent doing what you do best: coaching, teaching, mentoring, and transforming lives.

The vision God planted in your heart seems further away with each passing day, obscured by clouds of doubt and mountains of unfinished drafts. It's disheartening when your calling gets overshadowed by tasks that drain your spirit more than they refill it.

But perhaps the most soul-crushing part?

The lurking fear that maybe you're just not cut out for this - that despite your passion and purpose, maybe advancing the Kingdom through entrepreneurship isn't your cross to bear.

These fears keep you up at night: What if I never find my voice? What if my message doesn’t reach those who need to hear it most? What if I fail at fulfilling my God-given potential?

It's enough to make anyone question their path. After all, how can you lead others towards transformation when you’re lost in the wilderness yourself?

Let’s face it; navigating this landscape requires more than just faith - it demands Kingdom strategy paired with earthly tools crafted specifically for Kingdom builders like yourself.

Tools designed not just for making profits but for prophesying through products; tools sanctified not with holy water but with Kingdom wisdom tailored for today’s digital evangelism.

Remember why you started this journey because somewhere deep down, beneath layers of doubt and frustration, burns an unquenchable fire fueled by faith and purpose.

Introducing the Kingdom Brand App

A comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize your online marketing and sales efforts.

With the Kingdom Brand App, you’re not just getting a tool; you're adopting a powerhouse for your business.

This full-service platform is tailored for entrepreneurs who are serious about making an impact.

From creating stunning websites with our drag & drop builder to managing courses in your very own membership area, this app has it all.

Imagine seamlessly scheduling appointments, engaging in two-way communications across any device, and automating every aspect of your follow-up campaigns.

Plus, with direct integration with our payment processor, payment collection becomes a breeze across all devices.

But that's just scratching the surface.

The app ensures you keep all of your marketing tools in one place, significantly cutting down costs and saving precious time.

It’s like having an army of experts at your disposal, without the hefty price tag or the need to manage multiple subscriptions.

Your clients will revel in the streamlined delivery process, enhancing satisfaction levels and fostering loyalty, and maybe, creating raving fans!

And let's talk about growth because that’s what this is really about.

Beyond the tools and features lies a community eager to connect and grow together.

Monthly coaching sessions and Kingdom Growth Sprints propel you forward, equipping you with strategies + frameworks that not only elevate your business but also pave the way for reaching those business goals quicker than imagined.

Picture yourself finally taking that dream vacation overseas knowing your business isn’t just surviving without you; it’s thriving.

During our BETA period, we’re offering this transformative package at a discount, less than what you'd spend on a fancy dinner out on the Las Vegas Strip.

It's an unparalleled opportunity to leverage a suite valued at $45,964/year at a fraction of the cost.

The clock is ticking on this offer though; it's essential to act now before BETA vanishes.

Here is Everything You Get When You Sign Up Today:

  • Full-suite platform with page builder: Value - Priceless

  • Multi-channel follow-up campaigns: Value - Transformative

  • Fully automated booking: Value - Time-saving

  • Two-way communication on any device: Value - Connection Enhancing

  • Membership area creation with course management: Value - Empowering

  • Pipeline management: Value - Growth Catalyzing

  • Direct payment processing integration with our partner: Value - Convenient

  • Analytics & reports dashboard: Value - Insightful

  • Retreat planning framework: Value - Unique

  • Monthly coaching and growth sprints: Value - Invaluable

  • KBA AI Writer a sales and marketing copy tool: Value - Immeasurable

  • Custom Compliance Bonus (Privacy policy package): $697 value

Total value: $45,964/year

Grab it all today for just: $247/month during BETA

And remember, there’s zero risk involved thanks to our 3-day money-back guarantee.


What sets this offer apart isn't just its comprehensive feature set or its community-driven approach; it's already been a game-changer for hundreds of entrepreneurs like you.

People who once struggled to piece together different tools and strategies now enjoy a streamlined path to success spending less time on operations and more time enjoying what truly matters to them.

Don’t let hesitation hold back on boldly living out your purpose or stifle your Kingdom impact.

Grab this chance to transform how you do Kingdom business forever.


How can the Kingdom Brand App possibly understand the unique needs of my faith-based business?

Imagine if Moses had a GPS for that desert trek, right? Our app practically does that for your business. It's designed with an understanding that every Kingdom entrepreneur’s journey is distinct but driven by a common purpose - advancing the Kingdom. By leveraging advanced algorithms and a sprinkle of heavenly inspiration (or at least market research that feels divinely inspired), the app customizes sales copy and funnel templates to match your unique mission and audience. It’s like having a marketing evangelist in your pocket.

I’m more familiar with parables than I am with sales funnels. Can I still use this without any marketing experience?

Absolutely! Think of the Kingdom Brand App as the loaves and fishes of digital marketing: it might not seem like much when you start, but it multiplies your efforts into something miraculous. You don’t need to be a marketing magician or have a masters degree in digital evangelism to use our tools. We’ve simplified the process down to answering basic questions about your vision and goals, and voila out comes content that resonates with your tribe faster than you could say 'Amen!'

Will this tool actually save me time, or will I need to fast to find enough hours in the day?

Let's put it this way: you'll have so much free time, you might actually get bored (kidding we know you'll use it to impact more lives). But seriously, our users report reclaiming hours upon hours each week. The kind of hours you'd otherwise spend staring blankly at a screen, trying to craft perfect sales messages or build funnels from scratch. With our app, it's all about getting quality results quickly - think 'instant manna' level of efficiency.

Can using this app really transform lives and advance the Kingdom?

Just as David only needed one stone to take down Goliath, sometimes all it takes is one well-crafted message to change a heart, life, or community. Our platform empowers you to create those messages swiftly and effectively, ensuring they reach and resonate with the right people. While we can't promise miracles on tap, we're committed to equipping Kingdom entrepreneurs like yourself with the best tools to make a significant impact.

Is there a risk my message will sound insincere or too 'salesy' using automated tools?

We've all encountered those 'turn water into wine instantly' types of sales pitches that feel as hollow as Judas’ kiss. That’s exactly why our app focuses on authenticity and connection. It guides you through crafting messages that are true to your voice and mission. So while the underlying technology is indeed sophisticated, its purpose is simple: amplify YOUR message, not replace it. Consider it less about turning stones into bread and more about multiplying loaves and fishes… sustaining and genuine.

We Are Honored to Level UP Your Kingdom Business

The door is open and an invitation extended. There is no contract that locks you in for an extended period of time.

It is our hope that you join our family of Kingdom Builders, a collaborative community of entrepreneurs and leaders empowered and supported by the Kingdom Brand App making a difference in lives around the globe.

Together, we advance the King's agenda on the earth and release heaven in the marketplace 24/7.

Are you ready to join us during BETA and build something magnificent? If this is your time, this is your legacy. The opportunity is now.

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